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What Is The Best Golf Grip Solvent? How Can I Use It?


What Is The Best Golf Grip Solvent?

When the first time I replaced my own golf grip solvent, it was quite durable and effective even after some 19-20. Now I do it myself!

As a matter of fact, it is so easy to do, useful, save a lot of time and money, and it is quite enjoyable to me.

Hay! Are you thinking me a hangdog? That’s why I do its own.


The first time I was done it because it was urgent to replace my worn grips, and I had no time to take it for professional re-gripping. I was facing some problems to do it at that time.

Moreover, I was upset when I found I had no solvent to do this at home. In spite of this, I solve that problem easily.

That’s why, in the light of that cognition, now I am here to tell you some home solvent. And replacement system for your convenience.

How often should I Re-grip my golf clubs?

Basically, the replacement of a golf club gift is one of the essential maintenance procedures. Re-gripping is depended on how often you play Golf in a week and where you store your golf club.

The using time and storage environment is the vital issue of the question” how long your grips last?”

You should change your grip when it’s become worn and bald. If you are playing once a week as a recreational golfer, then your shaft grips should be changed 1 time every two years.

On the other hand, serious players who play several times in a week not considering the climates in the year should be re-grip their club within 6 to 12 months.

Remember, properly gripped clubs give you the perfect traction and feel to striking the ball well. The better contact with the ball and grip usually gives better traction. And a solvent helps to make it easy.

Why do we need to do it ourselves?

Those who are an avid golfer and using all 14 complements of their golf bag are trying to re-grip all their own selves. To handle all odd situation, you need to know this.

Of course, the cost of repairing all these grips is quite expensive. Other than that, the joy of working on my own is different, which I always get.

To do all, you will need a solvent, so the grips sealed on.

How Solvent help to re-gripping?

I know a question is revolve all new golfers mind that “what does golf grip solvent do?”

You can be cleaning the dirt, remove the old worn grip from the shaft, and help to re-installation the grips on your club driver handle.

Hence at first, we should know some types of solvents we can use for.

Types of Solvent-

The other name of Solvent is Solute. The solvent is a solution in that you dissolve the different mixture. There are two types of solvent you can use to re-grip your club shafts.

01. Commercial Grip Solvents.
02. Household Grip Solvents.

01.  Commercial Grip Solvent

Solvent or Solute is the different names of the same thing. It helps to replace the golf grip when you are setting the grip tape on the golf shaft than you need to remove the tape’s adhesive by lubricating the tape with solvent.

Here I tell you two excellent golf grip solvent you can use commercially.

golf grip solvent


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Wedge Guys Grip Solvent with complete golf grip kit

Wedge guys give you their Golf Grip Solvent include golf kit for the re-gripping golf club. Their package has promoted them to the Best Sellers in the sales of golf kits. Here are the Package items-Grip Solvents

  • Grip Solvent
  • Hook Blade
  • 2″ x 10″ Strips for Grip Tape
  • Rubber Vise Clamp

I found that this Solute has more than enough for 15+ club driver re-installation and shaft cleaning because you can reuse it. Another vital thing, its non-flammable, zero fumes, water-based, and non-toxic.

This solvent is using 50% less than other regular solvents. Moreover, this small 4-ounce bottle helps to change from 15 to 20 grips, and it dries quickly (within 2 hours).

This Professional quality saves both your money and time. Also, its light citrus aroma gives a refreshing sweet feeling.

Commercial Grip Solvent

The Golf works All Purpose Grip Solvent

This Golf works all-purpose grip solvent is with easy pour cap. It has 32 ounces in a bottle. All types of grip materials easily install by it.  All-Purpose grip solvent also adds a new formula for 2019 to provide effective shaft cleaning solutions.

golf grips

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Within an hour, it dries and ready to use, depends on how much you solvent you apply. It has a refreshing citrus odor with it.

The “All-Purpose” solvent was created by repeating numerous formulas in conjunction with the Golf Works design team and multiple chemical engineers.

Its price is perfect for commercial use. When you install a large amount of grip through it, you will find that the amount of work required is very economical.

Golf works All Purpose Grip Solvent

02. Household Grip Solvents

In light of my knowledge, I have learned that smartness means to adapt to all kinds of situations.

So, you may enjoy the thing when you able to solve a problem using something close to hand is different.

I have this experience, and I enjoy it so much. I love to reinstall my golf club grips with household solvents.

Let’s see some of them-

i. Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner

Although mineral spirits work a bit slower than the solvent, it will still give the same results as the grip solvent. It efficiently shafts double-sided tapes so that you can attach the grip to the shaft. Paint thinner or mineral spirits are the cheapest and easiest available ingredients to buy from any hardware store.

Warning: It is a highly toxic and combustible substance. So keep in mind, you always have to choose a good ventilation place to work with.

ii. Water

Like all other playing industry, the golf industry has become quite Eco-friendly. Considering this aspect, the radioactive free and environmentally friendly golf grip tapes are water-soluble.

That’s why water or soap water solvent is more effective when using this tape.

The grip needs to be installed quickly because this grip dries quickly and tacky fast.

Take it to mind that when you install the tape, maybe you need to use this solvent water extra over the taped area as well as inside the golf grip solvent.

iii. Rubber Cement

You can also use rubber cement as a complement to grip tape. That’s why it increases your savings on the one hand, moreover, it is lowering the price. This solvent you will find at any craft store.

The process of using rubber cement instead of grip tape on the club shaft is:

First, gently remove the old grip.

The cement cannot be inserted inside the shaft, so please use masking tape to cover the edge of the club butt.

Apply it to the shaft using a paintbrush. After all the work is done, remove the wet rubber cement from the grip.

As well as, you also need to clean the surrounding area of the shaft. Because if it becomes hard to dry, the cleaning will become contaminated.

All these are handy and Eco-friendly golf grip solvent I preferred to re-installations golf club grip.

If you enjoyed this guide we hope you check out another one of our lists such as the Golf Grips.

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