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Replacing Golf Grips at Home and Save Money

Hi, guys! Today I’m telling you about the replacing golf grips. When I’m demonstrating this, I’m also showing you how you remove the old grip from your Club shaft and how to replace a new Golf Club Grips.

Some of my golfer friends request me to tell them the process.
That’s why I am here now.

Already I informed you to reinstall your golf driver grips once or twice a year as per your practicing. So, don’t overlook this maintenance work. Because when we swing the club driver, the only part we always hold on tightly is its grip.

The replacement of the Golf Club Grip is a relatively useful skill for golf players. All golfers should know it. In as much as you are using your club for practicing or playing golf, your grips become worn, cracked, or slick within a year.

Surprisingly, a study in the golf players of USA 2019, is found that 65% of golfer’s performance increases 5 times when playing with a new grip.

Now I want to explain the total golf grips replacement process in 3 parts

1. How to remove the old grip from the shaft.
2. How to remove old golf grip tape, and
3. Reinstall a new grip in the shaft

Before explaining these three parts you should assemble all the tools below that will help us complete the task.

Kits for Replacing Golf Grips

We need the below materials and equipment as golf grip replacement kits to do these works-

  • The shaft that we are going to replacing the grip.

(I need to change 5 shaft grips, from those now I only re-grip 1 to show you comprehensively how to do this.)

  • Little hook grip
  • Tape remover
  • A bottle of grip solvent.

[Please read my article What is the best golf grips solvent, and how can I use it? to know the details of this grip solvent, which helps you to choose your preferred one.]

  • 1 pc wash towel, and
  • A pan

That’s all. Many people use other things which are handy for them. You are able to collect all these hardware shops.

You can also get a complete grip replacement kits package of wedge Guys Companies by online order on Amazon.

Here wedge guys give you-

  • 15 premium pre-cut strip set instead of a grip tape roll, as well as you also get
  • 25 oz grip solvent bottle
  • 1hook Grip, and
  • A rubber vise clamp

This is a compact package of golf club re-gripping kit, so you can use this too.

It is really a pretty easy task to change/ removing the old grip and replacing it with a new grip. It is also time and money-saving.

At first, we are regrouping all those pops. Then start our work.

Remove the old Grip from Shaft-

OK, guys. Let’s go to start our works…

We already arranged all the elements we need. Now we are starting to remove our old grip. And I am showing/telling you these in some easy steps.

If you follow my instructions, then you also become a grip competent and Efficient installer of your own grips.

I always hold my grip in my left hand to do this (as I am a right-hander). So, you’ll consider your convenience.

First Step: Push and Pull the hook blade of the grip upward by inserting it with a light prick into the upper edge of the grip. The edge of the grip will rise from the shaft.

Meddle Step: Here, I am using my razor blade to cut off it straightly from top to bottom. It adheres tightly to the adhesive of grip tape. So cut the grip a bit, and pull it upside down to the bottom.

Last Step: In this way, do your total work to remove the grip from the shaft. Look, the grip tape now appears to stick to the shaft.

Opening the old grip from the shaft is the only difficult task in the entire process of replacing the new grip on the shaft.

Now we reached the second part of the replacing golf club grip instruction process.

Can you remove golf grip tape?

Removing golf grip tape is a simple and easy process. Now I am showing you how to do it. There are many processes that have to remove it from the shaft; e.g. some people use the heating process using the heat gun/hairdryer.

Here I am showing you an easy process using Grip tap remover to remove the old golf grip tap.

Step-1: Position your shaft at a 45° to 60° angle on one corner of the table, mat, or a workbench for easy to do the work.

Step-2: Slightly cut the upper side of the tape. Hold your grip remover approximately 45° to 60° angle from the shaft.

I was clean my graphite shaft applying a utility knife with a hook blade to avoid any damaging on it.

Step 3: Now, lightly scrape and push towards on the grip tap by remover to peel off the tape and get the best results.

Remember the alloy should not be cut or scratched, you should be careful about this.

Step 4: Put some solvent in your washcloth to wet it. Then rub the shaft to remove the spatter residue.

Now our shaft is neat and clean and ready to wear a new grip on it.

At the same time, we have reached our final processing level!

Replacing Golf Grips Tape Instructions

Oh, Brothers!

Always I feel excited about the reinstalling process of my grip. It’s really enjoyable to do this total work for me.

Let’s go to start the work-

Part-1: The first work first, we take our new grip and double-side adhesive grip tap to measurements both. Measure it the same length of the grip and put it on our shaft, then cutoff.

Part-2: I like to peel off the backed, then press this on my shift a little bit like 0.5 inches and so on the overlap at the end of the shaft. Center the shaft on this tape and press it.

Part-3: Now I can roll its one side on, and the other side half. You need to do it fast. Now just on the end of the rolled side fish for the piece of the flop, that’s coming out there and peel that off.

Part-4: I’ll start moving the banking roll around it. Have a Look, I already have done it all the way around. Now I press it from up to down 2/3 times to sticky the tape nice and tightly.

Part- 5: Then, push down the extra tape inside the shaft hole of the end. We need to do this for 2 good reasons.

  • When you wrap the tape, in the end, it also packs the sharp edge of the shaft that protects your grip.
  • Warp the tape on the edge help to protect your shafts hole from dirt goes in it, which helps in making the vivid feel clearly when you hit the ball.

Now our shaft is ready to wear the golf grips. We also prepared to answer the last question, “How to re-grip your golf club?”

How do you put new grips on golf clubs?

Yeah, this is the ending stage of the journey to the replacing golf club grip (golf grips) instructions. Here I demonstrate it step by step for your convenience.

i. Hold your shaft to lie on straight and place a clean pan or bucket beneath the beam to keep the additional lubricant, as I’ll able to reuse it several times.

ii. Take a new grip and put a tee or use your thimble finger into the hole at the bottoms of the grip to plug the hole. Now, you pour some solvent inside the grip.

Here I’m using “Golf works all-purpose grip solvent” my old grip solvent gifted from my wife.

[NOTE: 1. Without this, you can also use denatured alcohol, nail polish remover, Mineral spirits, acetone, charcoal lighter fluid even water too. I have used all this before.

2. In fact, adequate inactivation of the grip tape is required when installing a new grip, as well as needs to see the grip tape evaporate and dry quickly in a short time like an hour.

3. All of this possible is goes to with these solvents. So you can use any one of them which you find in your hand as a solvent.]

iii. After pouring the solution in the grip, and shake it up well for wet the inside of the grip properly. That helps to crawl on the tape easily.

iv. Just release the end of the grip on the grip tape to pour the solvent on it and go through the grip tape to covering it. So, it’s coat the grip all the way down.

v. Now hold your club driver up in hand and quickly put the front side of the grip into the end of the shaft. Squeeze the grips open end, then pressurize and push it all the way down.

The tape already got the grip lubricated, and we’ll slip it on got grip lubricated, and we’ll slip it on it to go through until going to the top of the tape.

vi. After done to install the grip, put it down on the ground and stroke it on the floor to make sure the butt is all the way to the end portions.

vii. Take the washcloth and rub on the grip up and down to absorb the extra liquid for drying it.

Ok, guys! That’s all. Already we have done the last work of “replacing your golf grips.” and your shaft is ready for Golf play within an hour.

Frequently Ask the Questions:

01. How do you clean golf club grips?

You need to take care of your grip regularly and keep it clean to save money by extending the life of your golf clubs and minimizing unnecessary grip changes.

That’s why you need these few things-

  1. A bucket
  2. Some warm water
  3. Detergent or dishwasher
  4. A scrubber, and
  5. 2 washcloths.
  • Now pour the bucket in a warm water mix with a mild detergent. Now suck a washcloth and scrub brush in that water.
  • Hold your shaft on the bucket and dip the scrubber in that soapy water and rub the grip with it.
  • Now use the soapy rag to rub it again to remove the residue dirt.
  • Clean the soapy towel with drain water and use plain water for rubbing up and down on the grip to remove the soapy water.
  • At last, use another dry washcloth to wipe the grip dry with removing the excess water.

In this way, I always clean my gold drivers’ shaft grips.

02. Do you have to remove old golf grip tape?

Yes, most of the time, we need to remove the old grip tape. Cause it already lost its glue on it to tighten the new grips. So, you need to add a new grip tape.

Some people install a new grip tape on the old one. But I personally recommend you to remove the old grip tape and replace a new tape there.

03. How do I make my golf club grips tacky again?

Pour the wash towel with the soapy water. Then rub it several times on the grip to remove the extra dirt. Take a clean, dry cloth and press it on the grip to absorb the water from the grip. In this way, you can make your golf club grips tacky again.

04. What is the best golf grip solvent?

There are lots of golf grip solvent in the market. Some are commercial, and some are none commercial Like Wedge Guys Grip Solvent, golf works all-purpose grip solvent, WD-40. And also has some popular non-commercial solutions like Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner, Nailpolish remover, Rubber cement, and water. So, choose the handy and preferred one is the best golf grip solvent for you.

05. How long does it take for grip solvent to dry?

It takes min 20 to max 1 hour to take for grip solvent dry. After installation, the grip has few minutes of activating options to rearrange the grip on the shaft. You should allow ample time for dryings.

06. How long do golf grips last?

Basically, a game of golf grip should last a maximum of 18 to 20 months. And a club driver should last more than 5 years. It depends on how long you prefer to play the game. Those players who spent time 3/4 days a week will need to replace the grips 2 times in the year.

To get the maximum output from the club driver, you should change the grips in a year.

07. How do I know if my golf grips are worn?

If you play golf regardless, then your club drivers’ grips should always be replaced within 6 to 8 months. The first sign of the replacing time should be followings-

  • Shiny patched,
  • Loss the tack & slake.
  • Cracks on the top surface of the grips.
  • The grip may be smooth and sleek.
  • Feel hard surface when you hold it.
  • Wear spots when the thumbs make contact.
  • Faded or bare grip spots.

All are the cause of changing the grips because of worn out.

Final Verdict

Oh, Friends. All done nicely! Here, we learn, “How to remove golf grips?” Removing golf grip tape from the shaft and “how to re-grip a golf club?”

At last, in the light of my cognitions, I like to say perfection comes by practice. So, as much you replacing golf grips will make you skilled and fast to finish your task.

So, Cheers!

If you enjoyed this guide we hope you check out another one of our lists such as the Best Golf Grip Solvent.

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