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8 Best Bag Boy Carts Reviews – Update for 2020

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Hey, guys, today’s we are here to discuss with you – 8 best Bag Boy carts reviews!

Since 1964 Bag Boy has been manufacturing great qualities golf equipment. It is a prominent company that signature brand name in the markets. Beg Bay carts are continuously creating new designs, standardized and user-friendly golf carts to rival itself. In this way, bag boy carts are breaking their own records by improving their quality.
Among the available brands, Bag Boy carts is a renowned golf accessory manufacturer company.

Types of Bag Boy Carts –

A golf cart is an essential equipment that gives you pleaser while playing golf. There are 3 types of bag boy carts with several models that are available in the bag boy company.
All are decent in shapes, designs, and benefits. That’s why we are here through today’s topics. We will discuss some of the top bag boy carts reviews. It helps to make decisions about the golf cart(bag boy carts) which one is going with you.

Have a look they are-

01. Bag Boy Golf Push Cart

i. Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart / Nitron auto-open Push Cart
ii. Bag Boy Quad Push Cart / Quad XL Push Cart
iii. Compact 3 Push Cart
iv. Quad Junior Push Cart

02. Bag Boy electric Cart

v. Coaster Quad Electric Cart
vi. Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart

03. Bag Boy Rental Cart

vii. Bag Boy Express Rental Cart
viii. Quad XLR Rental Cart Express Rental Cart

01. Bag Boy Golf Push Cart –

Pushcart may refer to a lightweight one or more wheeler cart that pushes by a handle, and it also carries a small load. Golf pushcart is two, three, or four wheels vehicle that carries all golfs accessories by a golf bag. Golfer enjoys the hassle-free game in the whole course with it.

i. Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart / Nitron auto-open Push Cart

Bag Boy company has got the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award in 2020 for this Nitron auto-open 3wheel pushcart. Also, they gain the historical record for the pre-order amount they received.

Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart


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We have been testing a lot of golf pushcarts, and without a doubt, we can say this is the best of them. This Nitron auto-open cart is one step open design, easy to assemble, and has the easiest using system. The folding cart takes less space to store. You might love its hand brake system that makes it easy to handling cart in golf.

So, let’s have a look its key features-

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart ads

  • It has a cell phone holder and a storage notch.
  • And an umbrella holder with storage with loop.
  • Its folded dimension is 19 x13.5”x22”.
  • Compact fold size is the lightweight that you feel comfortable to carry for storage and transport.
  • It has an extra-large accessories store under the scorecard box.
  • Wheel diameter is Rear=11” and front=9.5,” and its weight is 16.75lbs.
  • 8 different colors of the cart are available in the markets.
  • Its Top-Lock bag-to-cart technology prevents turning and twisting.


  • Stable and Sturdy.
  • Within seconds opens and folds.
  • On course, comfort and convenient pushcart.


  • N/A

Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart Nitron auto-open Push Cart


ii. Bag Boy Quad Push Cart / Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart 

The bagboy pushcart is a very lightweight Simple Simon folded portable cart! Its build by heavy-duty aluminum frame put your golf bag on it. Since you are using it for several years easily, therefore, its price will be reasonable based on its utility.

Quad XL Push Cart – Bag Boy


Let’s visit its ideal features-

  • Compact fold size is 24” x 17” x 16” helpful for storage and transportation.
  • Maintenance-free 4 wheel (front – 9.5”, rear – 11”) offer solid excellent stability and coordinative tracking.
  • It has a bag-to-cart attachment system in Top-Lok® technology.
  • Simple 2 steps process for folding and unfolding.
  • 14.2lbs is a very lightweight aluminum body that gives heavy-duty for the whole day long.
  • It has a straightforward, simple leaver overlock opening system.
  • Adjustment lever padding handlebar is very user-friendly to use.
  • Other facilities are beverage holder, scorecard holder, umbrella hanging hole with storage clip, mobile device holder, and has a golf ball storage net pouch.
  • It also has a scorecard console.


Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

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  • Little sleeves loops and hook (Velcro strap) lock for an extra-large bag.
  • Wheels are stable.
  • The folding size is careful to keep in boot.


  • Wheels are not that far apart to make stability.
  • So, Problems with running downhill.
  • A little bit expensive.

Bag Boy Quad Push Cart Quad XL Push Cart


iii. Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

This Bag Boy C3 Push Cart is a very well known and popular golf cart(bag boy carts) in the golf lover. The compact 3 push cart means it is a 3 wheeled cart with 3 simple steps folding system.

Yah I mean it! When you close or open the cart, you need to follow three stapes only. These steps are as follows-

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart ads


Step 1 –

Closing System: Fold the front wheel under, you need to push the red button on the folding options to fold it.

Opening System: At first, pull the frame over 2 hands.

Step 2 –

Closing System: Then fold the cart handle to release the red lock on the right-hand side little downward of the handle in the folding area.

Opening System: Push the red button and unfold the front wheel from under space.

Step 3 –

Closing System: At first collapse the frame by pulling the lever and fold it.

Opening System: Again unfold the handle, and lock it by press the red hand lock.

You need only a few seconds to do these three stapes. Its compact dimension is 21” height and 18” length and 13” wide for transport and storage.

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

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This extra wide durable framed carts full features are here-

  • This Bag Boy C3 pushcart is stood upper strap TOP-LOK® Technology to attach the bag(bag boy carts) perfectly.
  • It has a large storage box where a 3golf ball holder, a scorecard, and a wallet keeping system also includes a mobile device holder.
  • A small beverage bottle/ can holder.
  • On the right-hand side is has a detachable umbrella stand holder include its storage clip.
  • The wheels are oversized, which is great to roll through the grass. (front 9.5” and rear 11.5”).
  • Left sides below the handle have a hand brake system.
  • Silver/Black and White/Red colors are popular in the markets.


  • Easy and user-friendly handling system.
  • Tool freewheel and assembly
  • Weight is so light, only 13.5lbs.


  • Retail price is not that much
  • Straight forward works show on the course.

Compact 3 Push Cart


iv. Bag Boy Quad Junior Push Cart

This junior pushcart is a made for junior golfers aged 7+. It is the junior version of the Quad pushcart. Its adjustable handle is only pushed for kids, not for older.

Bag Boy Quad Junior Push Cart

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Main features of this Quad Junior golf cart-Bag Boy Quad Junior Push Cart ads

  • The Bag Boy is the manufactures for junior size golf bags.
  • 4 wheel for control easily and stable on the slope course
  • Foot parking brake system
  • Store and transport are made easy because of its compact size.
  • Its folded dimensions is 21″ height x 17.75″ wide x 12″ length.
  • The diameter of the wheel is 8” front and 8” rear along with 11.75lbs lightweight.
  • Scorecard storage box
  • Available colors are Red/Black and Blue/White.


  • User-friendly maintenance
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Its height is only for junior golfers.
  • Elders feel uneasy about pushing this trolley.

Quad Junior Push Cart


02. Bag Boy electric pushcart

The electric golf push cart is not controlled by remote, but it has served you almost the same facilities of the remote control pushcart. You simply press the button to move it in the front or back. Also, using it, you can control its speed anywhere. After all, it really suits everything you preferred. So, wisely choose a perfect one for you.

v. Quad Coaster Electric Cart – Bag Boy Carts

Quad Coaster Electric Cart is made by Bag Boy especially great in a hilly golf course. It’s advanced features fulfill all your needs and give you a stylish, comfortable, and convenient take on the clubhouse.

With this cart, you can easily rotate over 36 holes without charging on a flat surface. But in hilly courses for stability, you can use the retractable 5th wheel to assist you.

Quad Coaster Electric Cart – Bag Boy Carts

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Let’s see its additional and key features

  • Advanced digital full-color display where the battery charge indicator has and also speed settings.
  • It has a mobile device holder, Scorecard holder, standard umbrella handle holding lock and console box as well as a remote navigator and beverage holder.
  • 12v 18 ah Lithium-ion powers the battery.
  • 230w powerful noise-free single motor
  • It has swivel 5th wheel for uphill and downhill speed control and stability maintains.
  • Adjustable golf bag boy carts holding bungee straps.
  • The electric brake button holds and stops the cart at any time for parking.
  • Its folded diameter is length 27.6″ x width 21.5″ x height 13.75″ and unfold height is 40”.


  • It makes it easy to play in a hilly course
  • Bracket straps hold the bag tightly
  • Desired speed maintains by the downhill speed control system
  • Distance function controller


Little delay maintenance supportCoaster Quad Electric Cart


vi. Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart

If needed, you can complete 36 holes a day by using this Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart because it comes with lithium battery standard chargeable battery. It holds the charge well enough, so it is a great option for all golfers.Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart ads

This Quad Electric pushcart performs well in the hilly course, but when it is in wet grass and muddy or lose dart uphill, then one has to control it by its 5th wheel carefully. On the other hand, while it goes downwards, its quick-release lock front wheel also helps to avoid skid and slips and control its stability.Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart remot


The diameters of the front wheels are 6,” and Rears are 10.5”. This is an amazing cart; its weight is 26 to 32 lbs. And the battery is 5.5lbs and folding dimensions are 27.6” length x 22” wide and 13” high after simple 2 step fold.

  • The remote control system allows for speed control included with the right, left forward and final words.
  • Its Anti Deviation Patented Gyroscope technology keeps the cart on the track
  • It also has a colored display, speed controller, and battery charge level indicator that is working by advance digital tech.
  • It has adjustable straps for any size golf bag boy carts,
  • Adjustable height handling system, GPS/Cellular device, and solar charger holder, soft rubber clutch with double box storage system.
  • You are using standard 12 V and 26 AMP lithium battery this quad navigator charge for the whole day long.
  • Bag Boy states two years on the frame and one year on the electronics.
  • It has 230-watt twin calibrated motors.

Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart

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  • It holds the charge for 27 to 36 holes.
  • Without problems it goes anywhere you need.
  • Multi-functional handle system
  • Easy storage and portable built-in lift handle.


  • It doesn’t have a power button
  • You need to unplug the battery to power off.
  • Regressive moving time needs to press the down arrow continuously.

Navigator Quad Electric Push Cart

03. Bag Boy Rental Cart

vii. Bag Boy Express Rental Cart

The Bag Boy Express Rental Cart is designed for convenient, space-saving, and nesting for storage together. It has a metal storage basket include a sand /seed bottle with it for UV protection.

Bag Boy Express Rental Cart

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Other Related features are-Bag Boy Express Rental Cart ads

  • Foot control steel-reinforced parking brake tab
  • G-Force Wheels diameter front and rear both 12.5” and weigh 20 lbs.
  • It has a Mobile device holder with a full feature scorecard.
  • Its beverage holder along with two golf ball storage whole.
  • Upperside bag bracket is detachable for rental control.
  • It has a Durable Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with an umbrella holder.


  • Basically, it is built for the Golf club for rental.
  • Durable stainless steel bearings.


  • No folding mechanism
  • It is not worth carrying in the car trunk.Bag Boy Express Rental Cart

viii. Quad XLR Rental Cart

Since 1946 Bag Boy is originated and step by step, they revive their products line and modernize to continuing the lead market through innovation. This year, the reward golf equipment company bag boy carts launch a new rental cart name, it is Quad XLR Rental Cart.Clicger Golf Model 6+ Resort 2 Wheel Push Pull Cart

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Main Features are-

  • Durable, sleek, weather-resistant aluminum frame.
  • This cart is a super compressed cart for optimal, stability, and storage.
  • Removable anti-theft bag bracket.Quad XLR Rental Cart
  • This cart can fold in seconds use simply 2 steps that make it so desirable. Its folded dimensions are 26” x 23” x 15”,
  • Sand/Seed bottle protect you from UV ray
  • 12” G-force large wheel with foot control brake pad.


  • Portable folding storage system.
  • Golf clubs like to make stock for their clients’ use.
  • It has an umbrella stand, scorecard holder stainless beverage store basket.


  • Made for rental but can buy for won.
  • This cart is Portable and superior stability and durability.Quad XLR Rental Cart Express Rental Cart

Finally, like to say, Bag Boy is loyal about his commitments since 1946 and offering the greatest advance technological facilities, a user-friendly push cart for golf lovers. This cart technology is allowing its engineers to work more and more to create simple, easy to use, folded and compact, portable, and space-saving storage.

That’s why we would suggest you rely on the above Push Cart Machine. Last but not least, like to say maybe all carts are not 100% perfect, but all of them are user-friendly, which helps you to choose the perfect one for you.

So, what’s on your mind!!!

If you enjoyed this guide we hope you check out another one of our lists such as the Cobra Cart Golf Bag.

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